Cartoon Robot Battlefield

4.7 ( 6747 ratings )
Jeux Divertissement Jeux de rôle Aventure
0.99 USD

Cartoon Robot Battlefield is a fast paced intense game that features a relentless attack from killer robots.

- Unlimited levels of play
- Hit point upgrades
- Shot speed upgrades
- Hero speed upgrades
- Weapon upgrades
- Shots and Bombs
- In game help screen
- Many different robot enemies
- Fast paced action
- Auto Save
- Progressive point values
- Smooth controls
- 360 degree shot capability
- 360 degree movement

- Upgrade your hit points after the first level so you can take more than 1 hit
- Keep moving if you stay still the robots will hunt you down
- Keep shooting there are a lot of robots to destroy
- Use bombs (bombs are available after the first weapon upgrade) to destroy large groups of robots
- Try to shoot the pods at the beginning of the level before they release their deadly spawn
- You can dodge or shoot enemy fire
- Be careful with your hero speed upgrade, a super fast hero may be hard to control
- Grab the gold it has the highest point value, more gold equals more upgrades